It is a mixture of vapors and mainly consists of water, glycerin, nicotine and propylene glycol and some flavoring. It is liquid used to as fuel for an Electronic cigarette. It is a substitute for a cigarette. Some e-liquid  refill is available without nicotine also. The electric cigarette is less expensive than a tobacco cigarette. Nowadays it is very much popular amongst smokers. It is basically consisting of three parts:

# Nicotine: It is an addictive substance mostly available in a cigarette. It is very harmful to the body. It is generated by plants. It works as protection chemical for plants being eaten. It is widely used as an insecticide in past for plants. The use of nicotine is marginally increased over the years. It is powerful addictive drug and very hard to break its addictions.

# Diluent: it is also an essential ingredient of E-liquid. It dilutes the mixture of nicotine and gives flavor. It also helps the solution to produce vapor. Vapor help nicotine and flavor to travel in e-cigarette to the person who is using it.

# Flavoring: since nicotine is tasteless, to add some taste flavor is being used for the same. To get the taste in e-cigarette flavor is added. There is numerous flavor are available to use in an e-cigarette.

It is very important to add best e-liquid in an e-cigarette. It depends upon one’s taste. If the mixture of e-liquid is not good, it is of no use. E-liquid comes in different concentrations of nicotine. Quality of e-liquid depends upon flavor also. Menthol, chocolate, fruity, candy is some of the types of flavor. The quantity of nicotine in e-liquid varies from each other. Amount of nicotine in e-liquid depend upon the density of smoke one uses. Chain smoker needs up to 24 mg nicotine in e liquids to match the taste and stop craving. Mild or occasionally smoker needs 12 mg or below nicotine content in e-liquid. Various e-liquid packing is availed in the market. It is important to shake well the e-liquid bottle before use as vegetable glycerin is the main component of e-liquid which can settle at the bottom of the bottle. Handle the e-liquid bottle very firmly. Avoid contact of e-liquid with skin. Add not more than 20 drops in e-cigarette at one go. Never refill e-liquid in e-cigarette while it is connected to the battery.

People who are trying to quit smoking, the e-cigarette are best option to try. An individual can choose the low nicotine level in e-liquid as per his own choice. Again, the level of nicotine in e-liquid is depended upon how often you smoke a normal cigarette. As at the initial level nicotine match is preferable. You can easily adjust the level of nicotine in your e-cigarette. It is always advisable to lower the nicotine level to at least 2 mg in every two months. Make sure you stored your e liquids at room temperature. Always keep e-liquid away from children and pets. In case it gets contacted to your skin, wash with soap as soon as possible.