Personal injuries at the construction sites could be fatal when proper safety measures are not taken by the concerned authorities. Safety guidelines include marking of hazardous materials, locations, and equipment using color codes. Some of the critical injuries can be sustained by employees at floor openings, debris, machine guards, moving cranes and electrical installations. Lack of protective gadgets and equipment can aggravate the injury, sometimes leading to impaired limbs, non-recoverable physical ailments, and even death.

construction law suit

Construction lawsuit filing by New York lawyers takes care of proving liability on part of the building owners, engineers, designers and construction supervisors. If you have suffered any such accidents the lawyers can help you in getting justice and right kind of compensation.

Tips to Follow After Construction Injury

The first step you have to take is to file a police complaint about the accident and injury. Here you need not name the person responsible for the incident, rather provide details about the circumstantial conditions that led to the accident. Meanwhile, you have to get emergency medical attention. If the doctors advise you to go for hospitalization and treatment, don’t hesitate. Collect all the bills and reports and preserve them.

  • Contact the nearby construction accident lawyer in New York and request for proceedings to file a lawsuit. Once you register your case, the lawyer will take the steps for conducting a detailed investigation at the site. He ensures legal permission from the law enforcement authorities before going ahead.
  • His first task is to seal off the place of an accident so nobody can manipulate the evidence. He will be able to ensure complete forensic analysis of the spot and determine the exact cause of the accident. For this, he collects samples and photographs from the site. The photographs and diagnosis reports of your injury will also help in consolidation of negligence case against the responsible persons.
  • The forensic analysis report helps in identification of the liable person. Diagnosis and medical reports determine the nature and intensity of injury. Your lawyer utilizes them to evaluate the value of compensation money to be claimed from the liable persons.

Negotiations and Trial after Construction Injury

In some instances, the liable persons may be willing to compensate you for the injury and harm caused to you physically, mentally, socially and professionally. By contacting them your lawyer will be able to understand their intention. If they are ready for negotiations, he will arrange for the compensation according to his evaluation.

If the parties are unwilling to pay up, your lawyer takes up eh next step of filing the lawsuit. He informs the defendant about the lawsuit through legal channels from the court of law. The trials begin from the date decided by the jury.

Your lawyer refers to the evidence, witness statements (during the trials) and the clauses in the construction accident law to present and prove your case. At the same time, he takes measures to disprove the arguments and evidence provided by the defendant. He ensures you get the deserved justice and compensation within the specified time.