Few Things You Should Know About Portable Toilets

Few Things You Should Know About Portable Toilets

Even though most of us would agree that portable toilets are sometimes an essential item at certain occasions, none of us really want to use it if we have an alternative available. That is often because of misconceptions and outdated information, none of which really reflects what modern portable toilets units are like and how companies making them and providing them for public use, improve and maintain them.

Therefore we will be discussing a few things about portable toilets that everyone should know. Hopefully, more people would be inclined to use them after reading this instead of suffering and waiting for a better option.

When and Why Do You Need Portable Toilet Units?

Whenever there is an outdoor event with no restroom facility available, you would do well to have some portable toilets units. It can be a concert, a social event, a festival or even an outdoor party or camping trip, some people would much rather use a facility like this than go into the woods.

Some outdoor functions make a point of making portable toilets available to the guests throughout the event with complete maintenance and cleaning, usually provided by the toilet company themselves.

Portable toilet units are also frequently used at construction sites, usually, no toilet are available at some remote sites. Workers appreciate such gestures and in fact, it is within their rights to expect a service like that.

How Many Types of Portable Toilets Are There?

Besides the regular portable unit which comes with a commode, there are plenty of other types available for hire. The ones with a lot more space and a washbasin often come under the luxury category. Some have railings and wheelchair ramps outside for elderly and handicapped people. Some come with a commode as well as a urinal inside. For big outdoor events, companies often hire toilets that contain multiple units in a single unit as a means to save resources and space.

In terms of build, some contain disposable waste tanks whereas others can be connected to sewage line for instant disposal out of the toilet unit. There have been some recent additions to the market that use as little resources as possible by using compost to flush the toilets instead of clean water which is better used elsewhere.

How to Hire Portable Toilets?

When hiring some portable restrooms for your event, you should be aware of two things, the duration of said event and the number of people attending it. Once you have an accurate idea about that, you can make a pretty good guess of how many actual units you will need. A good portable toilet hire company will definitely help with making that decision.

Once you have hired the portable toilets, however, you will need to be sure that they will remain clean, hygienic, and maintained for optimal use throughout the length of the event. Usually, companies provide their own cleaning personnel but if yours doesn’t, you will need to hire someone to handle that for you, in order to make the best experience possible for your guests.